Jordi Cruz: “I let things flow, my work makes me happy”

Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz: Meet the celebrity chef. Winner of a Michelin Star at a very young age (24) in 2002, he was one of the youngest chef in the world with such a recognition.

He now has various stars and restaurants; two stars at Abac which is one of the best restaurants in the world – in my opinion; one star at Angle, Ten’s tapas in the Born & recently opened Atempo in the Mirror Hotel. He is also one of the judges on Master chef Spain.

Let’s find out what is there behind this good looking & talented chef. I met him at Abac and we were chatting informally in the beautiful garden.

Jyoti Chugani- BelleBarcelone: Tell me about the new opening at the Mirror Hotel.

Chef Jordi Cruz: Atempo. It’s a contemporary bistro. It’s elegant; it’s classic and affordable. The decoration from the 20´s, waiter’s uniform & French gluttons images & sculptures, create a very special ambiance. We offer international cuisine with creative dishes such as the “cassoulet”, “cocido madrileño” ( a typical stew from the region of Madrid)…Each dish of the menu can be blended with a different wine. You can also go for an aperitif where we offer great stuff with quality products: anchovies, oysters, foie gras…We have an open kitchen with chef Quim Gabarro in charge, with an excellent preparation and experience at Abac. We have wanted to give Atempo a mafia look, with a black & white interior; French bistro ambiance offering unique dishes.

JC-BB: Describe me each of your restaurant in one word?

Chef JC:

  • Ten’s Lighthearted
  • Atempo: Bourgeois
  • Angle: The Michelin star of everyday
  • Abac: Our avant-guarde.

JC-BB: I have eaten in Angle and it was excellent but Abac was just magical. Explain me that.

Chef JC: Abac is a grand house. We surpass the fact of just eating. It’s an experience. The chef transports you to a world of fantasy. It’s a fusion of various polished elements: good product, beautiful space, excellent service and an unbeatable ambiance.

jordi cruz

JC-BB: You are a celebrity chef due to the television as a judge of Master Chef, and also with different publicity spots. How do people perceive you?

Chef JC: I am a chef on Master Chef and I project a severe image, the strict cook. It’s a competition. That is how I am in my own kitchen; our clients expect excellence & perfection. In real life I am quite shy but close to people.

JC-BB: What are your future plans?

Chef JC: I don’t make plans. I let things flow. My work makes me happy. I have taken out 2 books and shot 4 different seasons of Master chef this year. I am glad I am able to do all that thanks to the great team I have in my kitchens. I can concentrate on creating new dishes for my different restaurants. I should also have a balance between my personal & professional life; which for the moment I don’t.

JC-BB: Don’t you ever take a break? How do you disconnect?

Chef JC: When I come out from the restaurant and the kitchen I disconnect immediately. I am quite absent minded & dispersed, so I can easily disconnect or get creative. I manage stress very well. My head is always fresh so I enjoy my time anywhere anytime.

JC-BB: What’s your biggest dream?

Chef JC: To be happy, true happiness. To enjoy the good things life offers.  For me when I have an empty page and don’t know what to write in it, that is the peak of creativity. It is in that exact moment when the idea is born. You discover yourself, you grow. I love learning from life.



JC-BB: What’s your favorite movie?

Chec JC: Edward Scissorhands.

JC-BB: Favorite song?

Chef JC: any song where the words make you feel. For example:“Café con Ron”.

JC-BB: Favorite dish?

Chef JC: Bolognese spaghetti.

JC-BB: Favorite cuisine?

Chef JC: The cuisine that has life. I like Asian food. Japanese for its ritual, Indian & Thai for their spices, rices…Mexican cuisine.

JC-BB: One ingredient always present in your kitchen?

Chef JC: Salt

JC-BB: One ingredient you would never use?

Chef JC: Insects.

Jordi Cruz